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Indiana schools have been gathering teacher evaluation data for the past six years for state compliance mandates. You might wonder what has become of this data. And, more importantly, can administrators use it to improve their schools?

The short answer is yes. Let me share how we came to that conclusion.

This past year, Standard For Success conducted a study of Indiana schools. We assessed the impact on teachers who have been evaluated using the SFS software. Findings revealed that teachers who have received specific and actionable feedback through the SFS online teacher evaluation portal were better equipped to implement changes and improve performance—and ultimately, student success.

How teacher evaluation data should be used

Teacher evaluation data can—and should—be used to drive professional development. These analytics provide insight on teacher development needs. This is true if the data applies to all educators, a certain segment, or even an individual teacher. As a result, more districts strategically implement integrated professional development into their online evaluation portals. This allows for targeted and consistent dissemination across the district. PD can also be sent to select groups, such as beginning teachers or Professional Learning Communities.

Using data to identify and address professional development needs is especially relevant when you consider the teacher shortage plaguing districts today. By creating a culture of continuous learning for teachers, we’re making better use of our time and financial resources. It also proactively promotes teacher retention and growth. This is critical. According to Zen Workplace, it costs between 30% and 50% of an entry-level employee’s annual salary to replace them.

Using teacher evaluations to impact student growth

Many schools approach teacher evaluations as a compliance measure. Yet, there is so much more that can be gained from the data documented during teacher evaluations. With the right tool and a strategic approach, you can move beyond compliance and use the data in a meaningful way. You can impact the entire culture of your district by leveraging the data the state has required you to collect. After all, teacher growth directly impacts student growth.

Tapping into your data nets multiple dividends. If you want to know what your data says about your teaching culture, or how to integrate PD into your SFS portal, give us a call. We’re here to help.

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