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A lot of improvements have been implemented in Indiana to ensure that when students receive their diploma, they are well-equipped with the needed skills and educational experiences that will ensure they will be set to succeed in the pathway of their chosen career or profession.

Indiana Graduation Pathways has been designed and implemented to do just this. By changing from the ISTEP test to Graduation Pathways, it is their hope to have the ability to offer relevant classes for the community’s needs, therefore creating an educated and talented workforce program that will meet the needs of area businesses, industries, and colleges. In addition, the expectations are for all students to succeed in their endeavors after high school and college. More pathways lead to success for all students, which is the ultimate goal of any school district.

The new requirements for Graduation Pathways include well-thought-out solutions to help support the efforts to provide all students with the tools needed to be successful in their choice of postsecondary education and/or training. This includes a certificate program or an associate’s/bachelor’s degree program from an accredited college, university, or trade school. This important information for superintendents, principals, assistant principals, and other school and district leaders.

Changes in the Requirements for Class of 2023 Graduates in Indiana

The transition from ISTEP to Graduation Pathways for Indiana high school students offers unique, individualized options for students – especially those who are considered to be nontraditional students and need a little more flexibility. Now students will have distinct Graduation Pathways that let them choose the path that is best suited to their career goals, skills, and individual interests. These changes will help ensure that the local workforce is strengthened in all areas that will best benefit the community’s needs.

Main Points of the Graduation Pathways

  • Students will work to earn academic credits to qualify for their high school diploma.
  • The goal of Graduation Pathways is to help students develop employability skills through the use of work-based learning experiences, project-based learning experiences, or service-based learning experiences.
  • Students will work to earn one or more of the following:
    • Graduate with an honors diploma
    • Complete an apprenticeship/career-technical coursework
    • Complete post-secondary requirements including passing college-ready standards for ACT, SAT, ASVAB exams

And while the new Graduation Pathways requirements are changing for the class of 2023, it is notable that there will also be a considerable amount of documentation and tracking that will need to be put in place by school districts. If you are a counselor or administrator in a school district in Indiana, you have probably already started working with these changes and new diploma requirements and realize just how much tracking and record keeping this transition is going to take to ensure record accuracy.

Standard for Success Can Help Indiana School Districts With Tracking New Diploma Requirements

If your school district needs guidance with the transition from the ISTEP to Graduation Pathways, Standard for Success is here to help. Our Standard for Success Graduation Pathways Software was created to help school districts track, aggregate, and report these important changes in graduation requirements. Popular with educators, counselors, administrators, and school districts, the Standard for Success Graduation Pathways software is user-friendly, offers unique customization features, allows school districts to store student data in one place for tracking Graduation Pathways, and more.

We Can Help With the Transition from ISTEP to Graduation Pathways for Your School District

Whether your school district is modifying student grades, comparing employability skills, or tracking locally created pathways; Standard for Success and its popular Graduation Pathways Software can help your school district make a smooth transition when learning all the new Graduation Pathways requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our popular Graduation Pathways Software, and we welcome you to schedule a FREE demo here!

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