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Built for educators by educators, Standard For Success helps schools build effective teacher evaluation programs from the ground up. 

As educators, we genuinely care about the results schools and teachers see from implementing our software and using our services in coordination with their evaluation process. For us, teacher evaluation isn't just about improving teachers; it's about providing students with the maximum potential to learn. 

Better yet, we don't make you adjust to our solution. We customize our solution to meet the needs of your administrators, teachers, and school.

And we have the track record to prove it. 

Since 2011, we've been able to:

  • Maintain an excellent client retention rate (98%) due to our superior customer service,
  • Help hundreds of organizations get their employee evaluations on track, and
  • Collect data in a meaningful way, allowing organizations to drive results.

We want to help your school build a feedback-rich culture that drives actionable insight and long-term growth. 

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Standard For Success helps schools drive organizational growth and effectively evaluate teachers with our fully customizable teacher evaluation software.

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