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Schools in the state of Indiana will be fully transitioning from ISTEP to Graduation Pathways beginning in 2023. This means there will be a new set of requirements that must be met in order for students to receive their diploma. Created to enhance career skills, Graduation Pathways will open up a whole new world of possibilities for students as schools have added new classes and experiences aimed at helping graduating seniors excel in their college endeavors and then their career search in the future with less instructional focus on standardized testing.

High Schools Will Need Superior Tracking Software For the Transition from ISTEP

If you are an Indiana guidance counselor or administrator, you know that your high school is going through a huge transition in making the changes affecting high school diploma requirements. An efficient tracking software that allows them to customize their student records and accurately document all the changes for students can really help. Fortunately, Standard for Success has created the perfect software for schools to ensure this transition is a smooth one.

Here are some of the new 2023 Graduation Pathways changes that will be in effect for every Indiana high school student next year. These new requirements will be positive ones that offer flexible and individualized schedule options that will be a great improvement – especially for nontraditional students.

The 2023 Graduation Pathways Changes Include:

  • Skills Gap Issue Addressed – Indiana high schools will work to ensure all students are prepared to compete in the job market after they receive their diploma. Ensuring that the skills gap is addressed and raising the expectations for all students is the perfect way to meet the individual needs of every high school student.
  • Graduation Options for Every Student – Class customization options will allow each student to choose the path and classes that most reflect their career goals after graduation.
  • Community Effort – Schools now have the flexibility to create specific courses and career-oriented experiences that meet the needs of their community and residents.
  • Success Oriented – The new Graduation Pathways gives students every opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their chosen career path by focusing on academic and intellectual interests.

Allowing students to choose their own distinct Graduation Pathway helps to keep them motivated and interested in achieving their goals. A customized path to graduation that is geared towards their individual interests, abilities, and career goals upon graduation, also ensures students can genuinely enjoy their job and excel.

And while students will certainly benefit from the Graduation Pathways, those working as a counselor or administrator will have to ramp up their record keeping software to keep track of the pathway for each student. This will require accurate record keeping and a professional Graduation Pathways Software that high schools can count on to ensure a job well done.

New Graduation Pathways Requirements That Require Tracking

  • Entering students’ employability skills from their work-based, project-based, or service-based learning experiences for credit towards their diploma.
  • Tracking of academic credits earned by each student for their high school diploma.
  • Ensuring students complete all post-secondary requirements and classes for passing college-ready standards for SAT, ACT, and ASVAB exams.
  • Tracking completion of required apprenticeship/career-technical coursework.

High schools can ensure that these new Graduation Pathways requirements are tracked efficiently with the Standard for Success Graduation Pathways Software.

Standard for Success Graduation Pathways Software Benefits for Schools

Experienced educators and administrators at schools know and trust Standard for Success Graduation Pathways Software to track, aggregate, and report these important changes in your school. This popular software allows your school to customize the features, it is easy to use, and keeps data in one secure place for effective tracking of Graduation Pathways. Track waiver criteria, record and track student progress, search students by ID, grade, or name, enter employability skills, upload supporting documents, and more!

Is Your School Prepared for the Transition from ISTEP to Graduation Pathways?

Standard for Success is here to help your school make the transition from ISTEP to Graduation Pathways an easy one. We invite you to contact us today for more information about how Standard for Success Graduation Pathways Software can help your school better track student progress to earn their diploma. We would also like to offer a FREE DEMO of this Standard for Success Graduation Pathways Software for your school.

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