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As 2021 comes to an end it is seems appropriate to reflect on how we got here. At SFS we just finished our winter conference season that marked our 10-year anniversary for rolling out our flagship product, SFS-Evaluation. I started my first business was when I was somewhere between 8-10 years old – mowing yards for 3 neighbors. Boy, how things have changed!

​I am sure I was not very good at it to start with and could not have even done it if my parents hadn’t upgraded our home mower to a lawn boy self-propelled mower. Mowing was not just a job to make money so I could buy baseball and basketball cards at a nickel a pack, it became a challenge to how quick and precise I could mow a yard. How straight could I keep the lines and that drive to perfection is still present today, as I must mow the yard a specific way each time to have the straight or striped lines.

It didn’t matter if it was mowing lawn or delivering newspapers it always was a challenge to make each time better, more efficient, and the best yet. That drive to be better, to win, and to grow carried over to many facets of my life. Whether it was a pick-up game of basketball with my brothers, ping pong with teammates after practice or in the dorm, golfing with my dad and the elder statesmen of the course, or playing a game of Candy Land with the grandkids, the drive to improve, win, and delivering the best I could was always the goal. Each of us have those memories and traits that drive us.

When I look back at the logos, tag lines, and screen shots over the years at SFS, it makes me chuckle. We identified the problem, listened, revised, delivered, and continue to revise based upon feedback. We wanted and still want to “win” by delivering the best products on the market. That is no different than what should be happening in the classrooms, principal’s office, curriculum office, and district leadership offices today. It is what should be happening in board rooms, department meetings, and small group meetings. It should be what our students are being prepared for – listen or discover a problem and develop a solution that turns out to be the best on the market.

If we put this mindset to work, we will have a community, state, country, and world that is a better place. We may have started with a mission to make teacher evaluations “simple and meaningful” in Indiana, but we have grown into an international company that is working to contribute to a Better World. At SFS we will not stop innovating, driving, and working for you so EVERY educator and student can “win!”

Thank you for 10 years of believing in us.

Todd Whitlock

Co-founder and Chief Financial/Executive Officer

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