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“That’s the way we’ve always done it…”

We’ve all heard the above. Maybe too many times to count. I know that I have occasionally found myself saying this or at least getting into the mindset of the above.

Change is difficult. But often it is not only necessary to remain relevant, but leads to improvement of processes and practices. As our needs evolve, so do our means of meeting those needs.

We live in a research-based, data rich world that is unparalleled to any other period of history. While we reap many benefits of this data, tracking and curating can be overwhelming. If you are still trying to manage your accreditation data on paper or spreadsheets, it might be time to consider a change. Think of the benefit of utilizing a system that not only tracks the data, but curates it into a variety of reports to drive programming decisions. At the same time, the Standard For Success Accreditation software serves as a platform to give aspiring educators immediate feedback to improve upon their craft.

So when is the best time to make a change, and why? Changing a system solely for the sake of change is not productive. But is it wise to wait too long? Analyze the benefits of making the change sooner rather than later. I often hear institutions are interested in changing their data collection methods, but want to wait until the next accreditation review. Others opt for a slow transition to our system, choosing to focus on using a few features of our system at a time. There is no right or wrong answer, just whatever fits with the comfort level of those involved in the process.

Want to talk more about your accreditation needs? Feel free to reach out to a Standard For Success representative!

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