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Wow! As is sit here in downtown Indianapolis at the first day of the Hoosier Educational Computer Coordinators Conference (#HECC2021) listening to Kara Heichelbech from Indiana Online discuss how IOA has transformed educator evaluation in collaboration with SFS, I’m getting teary eyed thinking about this day 10 years ago when we launched SFS at this very conference on this very day!! It’s amazing to me to think that globally, SFS clients have completed well over a million evaluations for educators across the globe. We began with just a couple of school districts who took a chance on a start-up edtech company to help them organize the overwhelming process of evaluating their educational staff, and we have grown to become a leader in the field of educator and staff evaluation and educational leadership resources.

Over the past 10 years we’ve grown to offer support and resources for students ages birth through college. We’ve created an Early Learning Program Assessment Tool to help schools evaluate and improve their critical early learning programs. We partnered with Jason Learning to offer amazingly powerful and virtual STEM resources being utilized by over 4 million users globally. We added a Graduation Pathways tracking resource that is helping counselors and administrators navigate the new requirements for acquiring an Indiana High School Diploma. And we developed a Higher Education Accreditation resource that is helping colleges and universities produce high quality first year educators! Once again…WOW!

Here at SFS we take the responsibility of guiding, molding and developing learners very seriously, and providing resources for educators and leaders to do just that is our mission. We strive each day to build Better Teachers, Better Students, and a Better World!

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