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Hi, I'm Dr. Kathy Griffey.

Trainer / Consultant

I have a B.A. from Purdue University and my M.A. and EdD from Ball State University. 

I have been a school administrator most of my professional life with 20 years experience at the building level and 20 years experience as a district leader.  I retired as a school superintendent.  I have not had a position which I did not thoroughly enjoy and looked forward to every day.  When I was a superintendent I intentionally visited schools so that I could be around the students and keep in touch with them.  

Serving educators is rewarding for me.  I want to help teachers and administrators with some of the toughest tasks they have – knowing how to reach every student.  If I can provide educators with tools which help them do that, I feel I have helped not only the educator, but all the students the educator touches. 

 My main hobby is sewing and quilting.  I’m mediocre at it, but love to inflict my projects on my children and grandchildren. 

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