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What have we learned about educator effectiveness evaluations since 2011?

Across the country we have certainly learned from our successes and mistakes.

According to the Phi Delta Kappan article, Learning From What Doesn’t Work in Teacher Evaluation, there are four major areas of mistakes:

1. Ignoring inconsistent findings

2. Overlooking evidence of bias

3. Allowing people to game the system

4. Avoiding transparency

Suggested to remedy these situations:

1. Using multiple measures to evaluate teachers

2. Designing teacher evaluation systems that emphasize formative uses

3. Engaging teachers throughout the process of creating and refining these systems.

If policy makers will listen and learn from the past, perhaps we will see an over-all improvement in teacher evaluations and fewer lawsuits surrounding those evaluations.

“It is far better to build evaluation systems that educators trust and that align with their beliefs about teaching and learning.”

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