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In order to provide the most effective learning environment possible, educators need ongoing evaluation and feedback. An evaluation walkthrough is an assessment tool that you can use to provide valuable data regarding how well the implementation of standards-based instruction is occurring. A walkthrough protocol needs to be established to make sure the data is retrieved, examined, and analyzed as efficiently as possible. The following explains the steps to take to successfully implement this process.

How to Conduct Walkthrough Evaluations

There are basic guidelines to follow to develop, establish, and promote the most effective walkthroughs:

1. Develop and Implement Basic Language

Administrators will need to work with instructors to identify key descriptions for components of both instruction and assessment. This also includes creating and understanding specific instructional strategies that can be monitored and measured during a walkthrough.

2. Establish Guidelines for Administrative Evaluation

For example, principals may inform all teachers that they will make it a practice to visit each classroom during the first week of school. You can conduct walkthroughs on a weekly basis and incorporate them into part of an administrator’s routine. How and when the walkthroughs are conducted is completely up to the administrator and the teacher is not usually given advance notice..

3. Promote Dialogue with Instructors

One of the purposes of a walkthrough should be to implement coaching and feedback with the teachers. The goal is to ultimately see improvement in teaching methods and learning outcomes. This comes about through thought provoking interactions between administrators and educators. Feedback during walkthroughs can then be used in staff development.

The Purpose of Walkthroughs

The purposes of a walkthrough should be clearly defined. The following are a few examples.

  • Gather informative data about student learning and instructional practices.
  • Give and receive feedback in a safe, non-threatening environment.
  • Stimulate professional conversations using data and information from walkthroughs.
  • Provide meaningful evaluations to reinforce teaching that promotes standards-based learning.

Benefits of a Walkthrough

There are several important benefits of having walkthroughs.

  • It keeps administrators in touch with day-to-day events in the classroom.
  • It keeps the focus on student learning.
  • It can improve rapport with students and may even decrease discipline problems.
  • It can guide additional professional development and provide collaborative opportunitie

What to Avoid During a Walkthrough

There are several pitfalls to avoid during a walkthrough. The following are several things a walkthrough should not be.

  • It should not be a formal evaluation of individual educators.
  • It shouldn’t be an isolated event.
  • It’s not a “gotcha” opportunity for administrators.
  • It shouldn’t be used for inappropriate discussion or gossip.

How Standard for Success can Help

Standard for Success provides a variety of cutting-edge resources, services, and software, including teacher evaluation software. We have products to improve everything from professional development to a mobile app that can improve observations and walkthroughs. Contact Standard for Success for more information.


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