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Measure and Encourage Success in the Classroom with SFS

Teacher evaluations frequently have negative connotations attached to them. Teachers see them as a chance for administrators to point out their negatives, while administrators see them as another bit of paperwork that needs to be completed. Fortunately, there is a way for evaluations to be seen as a productive process that empowers administrators to provide teachers with the feedback and support that they need to effectively educate their students. With our Evaluation software, SFS helps schools measure and encourage success in the classroom. With its comprehensive, customizable and growth-focused software, SFS provides the platform for a positive and productive evaluation process in which all stakeholders benefit. 


No matter what type of rubric you use, SFS Evaluation software is comprehensive in its adaptability. Whether it’s a state-approved or locally created rubric, an SFS client engagement specialist will enter it into the software where it can be adapted and tailored to your needs. Even if you don’t have a rubric, or are working on one, SFS’s team of committed former and current educators will work with you to create and implement it in your school or district. In addition, SFS accommodates many of the widely accepted rubrics such as 5D+, Thoughtful Classroom, Danielson, McRel, and Culture in the Classroom

Many schools and districts use Value Added Measures (VAMs) in their evaluations because of the unbiased and statistical nature of the data they provide. However, many administrators know that VAMs don’t give a complete analysis, since they are based on standardized test scores and can’t evaluate factors that are out of a teacher’s control. SFS software is able to alleviate this dilemma by combining the VAMs data with any other criteria used in your evaluation. The result is a complete and fair analysis of a teacher’s performance based on a complete picture rather than a limited one. 


SFS Evaluation software is customizable to the needs of your school or district. Any rubric, system or criteria your school or district uses for evaluation can be added to the platform for easy and convenient access. Administrators can add any documents or data they are using in their evaluations for quick access at any time. 

It’s just as productive for teachers as it is for administrators, opening the door for a truly collaborative process. Teachers have the ability to upload artifacts – lesson plans, worksheets, notes, photos, and videos – to show observable indicators to aid in the evaluation of their lessons. They can also use Scripting to further individualize the data. Once uploaded, the cloud-based system makes it easy to access any of the artifacts in real-time. 

Growth Focused

SFS Evaluation software is growth-focused. It is designed to help teachers become more effective and successful educators, since that is what creates more effective and successful students. By analyzing teacher evaluation results, SFS can recommend and provide professional development for teachers that’s focused on what they need to be better educators.

Through our partnerships with Ed Leaders Network and Educational Impact, both leaders in online professional development for educators, we can provide quality professional development which can be assigned and tracked in the SFS portal. We will focus on what your teachers really need based on the evaluation data entered into the program so that the professional development is productive and efficient. 

Evaluations are an important part of teacher growth. Let SFS help you create a process that is efficient, collaborative and productive. With SFS Evaluation software, your evaluations will become more effective and your teachers will become better educators. 

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