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As the IDOE is requiring tracking of all Indiana students under Graduation Pathways, administrators are now being asked to track and report additional student progress data.

Pathways allows Indiana students to personalize an academic path toward their postsecondary goal.  Students may now craft their academic plan to not only enrich their high school experience, but also to best align with their future aspirations. While this is a positive exercise for students, it can be time consuming for administrators and counselors to track and report this data.  More importantly, this data must be user friendly for all parties.

A Call to Action

Standard For Success, an educational software company specializing in managing the teacher evaluation process, was born in response to legislative mandates requiring school administrators to collect, analyze, and report teacher evaluation data.  Knowing that schools will now face the task of  storing and tracking massive amounts of student data, many of our current Standard For Success users reached out and asked us to design a platform that would simplify the pathways process. Therefore, as in 2012 with the new teacher evaluation requirements, creation of a new system for collecting, combining, storing and reporting this student data evolved under the direction of the veteran team of educators at SFS.

Input on the new Pathways system from practicing educators and specifically IASP members was crucial to product development.  As with all of the products and services provided by Standard For Success, the goal was to develop a product that met the needs of our clients.  Steve Baker, Principal of Bluffton High School, stated the following after a review of the software:

“The graduation pathways tracking module allows high school staff to easily monitor and track every student who is on a pathway to graduate. Features include information from all 3 boxes that provides quick access to ensure every student has completed the necessary requirements for graduation.  This module was created with secondary educators in mind.”

Integrated into our current system, student data to meet pathways requirements will now be easy to track, access, and analyze. For more information on how to aggregate and report student data for graduation pathways, visit





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