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The past month has elicited so many uncertainties. Priorities of educators have shifted from academics to the health and well-being of our students. As colleges and universities move to an online instructional platform, instructors have been forced to quickly adjust their methodology to this new medium, many for the first time ever. Yet another challenge is staying connected to their students, who are now working in isolation.

We recognize these challenges and commend the academic professionals for their timely efforts. You see, I was actually attending a conference in early March with university and college leaders. This week began as a time for professional collaboration and learning. However, by mid-week, the news of COVID-19 was becoming more serious by the day, or maybe even by the hour. Cell phones began to ring. Conference attendees were stepping out of sessions to participate in conference calls with their colleagues back home to make decisions on the issues listed above. The tone changed quickly from one of professional collaboration on timely topics to concern about how to protect students and staff in their institutions.

Now that those immediate decisions have been made, and higher education institutions are adjusting to their new “normal”, the concern for many is now shifting to how they will handle grades, credits, and other completion requirements, especially for those students on track to graduate this spring. While completion requirements may see some adaptations, we all know that documentation is key.

SFSed, the newest product from Standard For Success, can help in these challenging times. While SFSed provides data collection for candidate growth, programming development, and ease of accreditation reporting, it also contains a checklist feature to track and document candidate completion. If you need assistance with these tasks, please contact or visit

Stay well and thank you for all you do for our students!

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