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The Standard For Success Story

In 2011, Indiana passed a law that required all teachers must be evaluated on an annual basis in line with the national “No Child Left Behind” initiative. In theory, this mandate made sense, but — as educators — we asked ourselves, “How are we going to manage this?”

First, we researched and looked online to see if there was a tool that could facilitate the teacher evaluation process digitally, but there wasn’t a solution out there the SFS team could recommend to the schools they were working with or their own schools. As a result, in September 2011, Todd Whitlock (CEO) reached out virtually to Alan Degener (CTO) to discuss the viability of creating a solution to manage teacher evaluations online.

Within a month, we had a beta platform ready to be tested. Within the first three months, we signed our first client and partnered with the Indiana Association of School Principals to develop a program built on transparency and helping to make the process simple and meaningful.

What makes us different is that our co-founders bring an eclectic mix of expertise — and we’re experienced educators — so we understand what it takes to effectively meet teacher, administrator, and student needs. From Alan’s in-depth understanding of programming and perspective as a teacher to Todd’s entrepreneurial background and experience as a school administrator to Robbie’s educational technology experience, we combined our expertise to create Standard For Success.

Created by educators for educators and founded by Edupreneurs, we wanted to create something that would fill the need for streamlined teacher evaluation and create feedback-rich cultures in schools. Just as a teacher realizes the “teachable” moment, the SFS team understands the importance of having a reliable system to allow staff to have that “teachable” moment and grow professionally.

Serving over 957 schools, 152 districts, and 13 states, we provide a higher Standard For Success to education through technology, focused on maximizing student achievement. 

Standard For Success: where teacher evaluation, expertise, and technology meet. 

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Standard For Success helps schools drive organizational growth and effectively evaluate teachers with our fully customizable teacher evaluation software.

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