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Professional development is an integral part of any school community. Through it, pedagogical strategies are passed on to educators who then use these new strategies to deliver quality education to their students. Not only does it help teachers to initially learn new strategies, but it also serves as a reinforcement of the strategies since, over time, concepts may erode with old habits returning. With the need for professional development apparent, we’d like to share with you 3 reasons why prioritizing Professional Development benefits everyone.

1. Better Learning Outcomes with Students

If students are going to have positive outcomes in their education, then educators have to deliver quality lessons to their students. Educators need to be trained and retrained on the most effective pedagogical strategies in order to be most successful in their lesson delivery. New educational strategies designed to improve student outcomes are always being developed and teachers need to stay on top of the latest information.

Regular Professional Development allows teachers to learn about the latest educational trends. It helps teachers stay current so that they can find the most successful ways to deliver lessons to their students. As a result, students have better learning outcomes because teachers use the most impactful strategies.

2. Everyone Benefits from New Knowledge

New knowledge gained from professional development benefits the educator who receives the knowledge as well as all stakeholders in the school community. Administrators benefit from a staff that is well-trained and a resulting school culture that is defined by excellence. Teachers benefit by receiving training that will make them better able to deliver effective lessons to their students. Finally, students benefit by engaging in higher quality lessons. Ultimately, this has the potential to increase their grades as well as their self-confidence.

An often overlooked beneficiary of Professional Development is one of the most important: the parent. With their students’ improved learning outcomes, parents will see the positive results of their child’s education and are more likely to be confident and invested members of the school community. This can increase parental involvement, resulting in a school community where all stakeholders are truly involved.

3. Pre-Planning for the Win

A successful professional development program starts with pre-planning and a strong goal. The plan should include teaching strategies that help with lesson planning, scheduling, and time management. With improvements in these three categories, teachers will be more effective and student learning outcomes will greatly improve.

Not all teachers develop and use strategies equally, so it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your teachers. In this way, administrators can develop a Professional Development plan that targets the specific needs of their teachers. Standard For Success can help with this.

Standard For Success provides a robust digital platform that stores personal data, provides a knowledge base of information, and connects users with educational events and resources. Its teacher evaluation software gives administrators the data they need to find the professional development that teachers need most. The software is fully customizable and goes beyond tracking statistical data such as value added measures.

SFS software allows administrators to get a more complete and accurate picture of a teacher’s strengths and needs, as well as student performance overall. As a result, administrators can give the most specific and targeted professional development possible. Standard For Success software can help your school provide effective Professional Development so teachers can provide more successful lessons and students can see more successful outcomes.


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