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Educators spend an enormous amount of time with assessment.  In fact, many educators become frustrated at the amount of time required for student assessment, claiming it takes away from actual instructional time.  Administrators often feel the pain of allocating adequate time for teacher evaluation.  In light of this, many schools have made efforts to streamline and simplify the processes for student assessment and teacher evaluation. Standard for Success has developed a way for teachers to provide Quality Program and Curriculum Evaluation to students and families.

This may not be a popular statement, but there is still one evaluative piece missing.  When was the last time your district evaluated instructional programming?  Programming quality, while at the core of instruction, is seldom evaluated as part of the process of accelerating learning and driving curricular decisions.

Quality Program and Curriculum Evaluation

As you might have guessed, Standard For Success can assist with this!  We currently house rubrics for the following programs:

The above list is not all inclusive.  While the above mentioned are aligned to research based best practices in the given field, SFS can also customize a rubric based upon curricular standards.  This not only allows a district to track areas of strength and challenge within a program, but can be documented and utilized to guarantee Quality Program and Curriculum Evaluation to families.

While schools re-open and make decisions on how to best allocate CARES and other post pandemic relief funding, assurance of program quality is key to providing the best education and guarantee of accelerating learning to our students. 

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