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As I reflect back on the last two years at Standard For Success it is amazing the support our clients and professional organizations have iaspgiven us.  Educators work very hard to be problem solvers and help those students that cross our paths each day to become problem solvers as well.  My co-founders and educator colleagues  (Alan Degener, Robbie Grimes, and Michelle Allee) saw a problem coming for schools and we worked very hard with a core group of schools, Dr. Bess from the Indiana Association of School Principals, and our spouses that were educators to develop a way for Indiana schools to manage this new unfunded mandate of changing employee and teacher evaluations.

How do schools handle all the paper?  How do schools manage all the added tasks?  How do schools evaluate all the data being collected? One of the most important questions that were on the mind of teachers and administrators required many discussions.  How do we help schools make sure the process is transparent, meaningful, and implemented (and documented) in a manner that all teachers are being held to the same expectations?

Standard for Success has worked with all our clients to customize the experience to meet their local needs and expectations. We have found due to our customer support and understanding what administrators and teachers are experiencing through these new processes we are able to give the schools, teachers, and districts data to improve student performance.

Our reputation for unmatched customer support given by our support team led by Ken, Jeff, and Tammy along with our creative user-friendly programming led by Alan have allowed us to expand beyond Indiana and service clients in other states including Illinois, Minnesota, Virginia, and South Carolina.  We look forward to helping more schools and businesses solve problems and be the “Standard For Success” in 2014.


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