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Standard For Success  Senior Sales Representative


Standard For Success is a privately-held SaaS company focused on education technology. This is a flexible role, and a very rewarding one – both financially and in terms of work-life balance, and ultimately in delivering positive solutions that make the world a better place for us all. 

After ten solid years of growth, we are expanding the sales function of our organization, enabling further scale and even faster growth in service of our mission. That mission is to build better teachers, better students, and a better world. We’d like to invite you to join us.


Applicants must have a minimum of 5-7 years progressive experience in outside sales, with evidence of consistently meeting or exceeding quotas and goals. Background in SaaS sales in the education category would be helpful but is not required. A degree from an accredited university is preferred, but not required. 


You thrive on having a variety of activities, with multiple projects occurring simultaneously. You enjoy multi-tasking, and operate with a strong sense of urgency for achieving your goals. Fast-paced environments are where you are most comfortable.

You are focused on building your business through relationships with people, and you inspire and motivate others, earning the respect, commitment and engagement of both your team members and your clients. 

You are comfortable involving others in the decision-making process, and appreciate and respect cooperative, collaborative decision-making. 

You are more extroverted than most, and others describe you as warm, enthusiastic, empathetic. You’re a stimulating communicator with a persuasive “selling” style and collaborative approach to your client relationships

Your strongest leadership skills are based on your ability to motivate others, and you have a very strong commitment to delivering results.


The focus of this role is making connections with people, motivating and inspiring them to achieve results. Poise and an engaging, empathetic communication style based on natural warmth and enthusiasm is key to achieving the goals of this job. 

The work involves driving toward results by enlisting the commitment and buy-in of others. While the job requires strong initiative and self-direction, results are only achieved with and through people. A sincere appreciation for people and how they are each uniquely motivated is the foundation for our communication and decision-making processes.

 Knowledge and skill in how to successfully influence and persuade others by understanding how their individual needs and motivations link to goals is essential. The job requires a high degree of consultative “selling”, whether of ideas and policies within the organization, or products or services in the marketplace. 

The work environment is a hybrid of remote and on-premise interaction. It is fast-paced and results-oriented. While there is an urgency to goal achievement, responsibility for the achievement of results needs to be shared and effectively delegated when necessary. Initiating projects and processes beyond established organization practices will often require training and developing others, and enlisting their support in a collaborative manner. 

The core function of the role is pro-actively establishing relationships with new people and groups, and solving their problems. A self-confident, extroverted style that can enliven, engage and positively impact individuals and groups is essential. The job requires a variety of tasks and is dynamic and changing. Because goals and desired results can quickly change, internally and externally, the job also requires regularly meeting and collaborating with management. 

The ability to understand, quickly react and motivate others to adapt to the changing organization environment is a critical key to success. In general, the core of this position requires a motivated and motivating consensus- builder and organization developer. 


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