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Here at SFS Accreditation, suggestions for new features and enhancements from our Higher Education clients continue to drive our development schedule. We’re proud to be able to highlight some of our newly available features for you.

Merged Degree Audits

Students can be assigned multiple contracts (programs of study) in SFS, which can each then be combined with imported grade records to create a comprehensive Degree Audit. We now offer a couple of different ways for you to be able merge degree audit data when dealing with these multi-contract situations. The merged results are color-coded to give you a visual cue as to which contracts are involved in a given row of data.

Form Virtual Signatures

We introduced form virtual signatures last Fall. All completed forms can now optionally require virtual signatures. We’ve now made it possible to request a Guest signature on a given form. There is no longer a requirement that the person providing the virtual signature must have an account in SFS.

Student Portfolios

Administrators have always had the ability to add items to a student’s portfolio, and the student has always had full control over the item once added. The student will now receive an emailed notice when the item is added so that they can ‘control’ whether the item is viewable by anyone that they’ve shared the portfolio with.

Assessment Detail Report

For Praxis, Pearson, ACT, and SAT assessments, we now offer a detailed results report.

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