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At Standard For Success, we are excited to celebrate the six year anniversary of meeting our clients’ employee evaluation needs. The past six years have brought about many changes in our software and our company as a whole. Clients have suggested most of our software updates and upgrades, and we have been happy to meet their ever-evolving employee evaluation needs.

Our StoryEmployee Evaluation: Standard For Success celebrating 6 years

In 2011, teacher evaluation was a prime topic of discussion in Indiana. New legislation was now requiring all schools to provide disaggregated results of staff performance to its Department of Education. Veteran teachers and administrators were now  required to assign a numerical value to pre-determined areas of teaching, rather than a subjective narrative format or checklist.

Management of the Employee Evaluation Process

Concern over the new evaluation process was high among teachers;  however, school administrators were apprehensive as well. The amount of time and paperwork required to manage the more detailed evaluation process was tremendous for building level administrators. Furthermore, while meaningful feedback to teachers and increased instructional accountability were the end goals, the logistics were difficult.

Creating the Vision

Todd Whitlock, Robbie Grimes, and Michelle Allee, all Indiana educators, were among those concerned about a management system for the new evaluation mandate. These three  also owned and operated a business called Ed Tech Zone, which specialized in educational technology professional development services. Schools utilized their consultation services for assistance with 1:1 initiatives and digital curriculum. Therefore, the three educators began researching to find a digital tool to help manage the teacher evaluation process.

Dissatisfied with the programs available and aware that it would be very difficult to collect, manage, and analyze teacher evaluation data to drive professional growth on paper, Todd contacted Alan Degener, a technology teacher who possessed the programming skills necessary to create an online teacher evaluation software. Within a month, a beta platform was ready for testing.  Within three months, Standard for Success was providing teacher evaluation software services to its first school and had established a partnership with the Indiana Association of School Principals.

Throughout product development, creation of appropriate analytics was a common goal. Today’s data driven school administrator required the ability to quickly analyze trends in evaluation data among teachers in order to initiate meaningful feedback and appropriate professional development and growth opportunities. Additionally, this easily accessible data allowed district level administrators to detect tendencies of inter-rater reliability among building level evaluators.

Customer Service and Support

Standard for Success prides itself not only on its award-winning customer service, but also on its philosophy of utilizing customer feedback to drive program updates. The software is customizable and ever changing based upon the needs of individual school districts. School administrators have suggested the majority of the software upgrades and new features, as well as additional services. These may include mentoring, coaching, professional development, and external evaluators.

Standard for Success is now present in 14 states, 180 school districts, and 1100 school buildings. In addition, our growing client base has required us to increase staff, many of whom are former clients. Creation of a quality product, along with a work environment that facilitates personal growth for employees and customers, continues to be our ultimate goal.


As Standard for Success looks to the future, company leadership is excited as we extend services into the corporate world. SFS also offers a software platform for higher education, which includes evaluation of staff and student teachers practicing in field experiences.

In conclusion, we would like to thank our existing clients for allowing us to serve their employee evaluation needs for the past six years, and look forward to the opportunity to continue to support your employees in professional growth. For more information on Standard For Success and how we can help your organization, click here.



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