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Standard For Success can lead your school district through the teacher evaluation process, from understanding the process to the completion of the evaluation.

Our teacher evaluation software enables schools to completely design, customize, and track your teacher evaluation program. We care about providing our clients with the tools they need to succeed, so we've developed an array of features that support your teacher evaluation program. 

Teacher Evaluation Modifications

Most states are providing at least some latitude for local modifications with the state guidelines and Standard For Success is fully prepared to handle these variations. From minor tweaks in language to major alterations in procedures, we can build a solution that will completely meet your local expectations.

Evaluator & Indicator Level Analytics

Is staff being rated accurately? Which staff or buildings need the most support? These questions and more are answered with our summary system – all in real time. Use the comparison tools to see how one building or one evaluator compares to the rest. There is no longer guesswork with regard to district-wide staff evaluation.

Teacher Observation Rubrics

Need a separate observation rubric for counselors, media specialists, or special education staff? With SFS, you can have an unlimited number of observation rubrics installed where each staff member is assigned to their respective rubric. When the administrator performs an observation, the correct tool is automatically displayed.

300+ evaluation rubrics including those from:

  • Framework for Teaching (Danielson, 2007)
  • Silver Strong & Associates' Thoughtful Classroom Teacher Effectiveness Framework
  • Indiana’s RISE, Strong Evaluation System (Dr. James Strong)
  • NYSUT's Teacher Evaluation rubrics
  • The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association rubric
  • Superintendent, principal, e-learning coaches, COSN CIO, technology director, transportation director, classified staff, and special education rubrics

Custom Observation Rubrics

Is your evaluation tool constructed completely differently from the state-suggested rubric?  We build custom platforms to accommodate the state-approved teacher evaluation tool - combining your language and your needs with the outstanding features of Standard For Success.

Evaluation Organization

The new evaluation systems being put in place are more complex than ever before. You need to stay organized. Get access to:

  • Daily Email – Each day you will get a single email that will detail everything you need to know about what happened over the last 24 hours and what needs to happen before EOD.
  • Pressing Page – Not only can you see what is due today, but get a forecast of what is due over the next three days.
  • Summary Page – By far the most powerful tool, in just one screen you will be able to do the following, and more: View the whole staff, staff assigned to another administrator below you, or other custom created groups of staff (i.e. Math Teachers); Sort by name, date last evaluated, total observations completed, who has open observations, and who needs the most professional assistance; Details of open observations, including type of observation, where you are at in the process of that observation, when that step is due, etc.

Daily Evaluation Communication

Your single daily email to administrators and staff will alert you to:

  • Observations ready for review or approval
  • Observations that have been reopened for changes
  • Learning Objective / Goal Settings ready for review or approval
  • Artifacts that have been uploaded
  • Mid-year reports ready for review
  • Pre and post-observation forms ready for review
  • Professional Development Tasks that have been started
  • Unread comments
  • Staff added to your account
  • Support tickets that have been answered
  • Observations, Artifacts, Professional Development Tasks – each has a two way comment section that will allow you to keep a recorded dialog between you and your staff member
  • Artifacts can be uploaded by staff or admin and coded directly to the observation rubric

Foster Growth

You observe and evaluate your education staff, because professional growth is in everyone’s interest, especially that of the students. By streamlining and simplifying the evaluation process, Standard For Success helps you spend less energy on the “task” and more on addressing the main goal of staff evaluation. Assign a Professional Development Task to a staff member and communicate via SFS with the person as they work on continued growth.

Student Data, Goal Setting, & Learning Objectives

Every state and every district has a different take on how student data should be incorporated into teacher evaluations. Standard for Success can handle these customizations and will help you include the student data piece as smoothly as possible. Goal Setting / Learning Objectives also come in many flavors across states and districts. Standard for Success has built multiple custom solutions and we will help your district meet the needs of your staff.

A departure from paper and pencil can be unnerving, because electronic data can be manipulated even after the fact. The Standard For Success team is comprised of both current teachers and current school administrators and we are scrutinizing at every angle of transparency. From “change logs” to data that lives within the database, we attempt to keep a permanent time-stamped record so there is no question about what transpired.

Evaluation customer service

As educators ourselves, we realize your time is limited and deadlines must be met every day. We make sure we listen, respond, and resolve – quickly.


Maintaining data security and data backups is paramount. Protocols within the Standard For Success program help ensure that the proper people have access to only the specific staff data they need.

How about our state?

Not seeing any Standard For Success clients in your state? Give us a call. We’ll talk with you and determine how we can help your district with teacher evaluation.

Teacher Evaluation Expertise

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  • Expertise: Don't know the best way to approach teacher evaluations for your school or need help with implementation? Our team of teacher evaluation experts can help you build and implement a customized plan for your school.
  • Technology: Our user-friendly cloud-based evaluation and management system supports customized rubrics so you don't have to change to fit our system; we change to fit yours.
  • Customer Service: SFS prides itself on customer support and has an excellent client retention rate of 98%. We care about the success of our clients and it shows. 

When it comes to teacher and employee evaluation, one size does not fit all. We are ready to help customize our software and provide our expertise to meet your needs.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to receive a quote for customization.

Standard For Success helps schools drive organizational growth and effectively evaluate teachers with our fully customizable teacher evaluation software.

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