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Graduation Pathways Software

Graduation Pathways Software

With many state departments of education now requiring schools to track graduation pathways, busy administrators need an efficient tool to help them accomplish this important task. Standard For Success Pathways helps schools track, aggregate and report on graduation pathways.

Graduation Pathways Software is built for counselors and administrators.

Our pathway tracking tool allows administrators and counselors to create, track and analyze graduation pathways to build an educated, talented workforce for the future.

Simple and easy to use.

+  Check off areas as you complete them
+  Enter employability skills
+  Upload supporting documents

Flexible. Adaptable. Customizable.

+  Track locally created pathways
+  Track waiver criteria
+  Modify grading scales as needed
+  Track CTE Concentrator status
+  Next Level Programs of Study  

All your data in one place.

+  Record and track student progress
+  Search students by ID, grade or name
P4, P5, NLPS Tracking

Help counselors, administrators, and students track their pathway.  

Graduation Pathways Software

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Graduation Pathways FAQs

What is the Purpose of Graduation Pathways?

Indiana Graduation Pathways were created to ensure that each student is introduced to a variety of career options, along with academic and technical classes that give them the employability skills needed to lead to job opportunities.

When Do New Graduation Pathways Requirements Begin?

The Indiana Graduation Pathways requirements will start with freshmen who attended their first year of high school in 2019-20. Effective with the class of 2023, Indiana high school students must pass the new requirements to earn a high school diploma, demonstrate acquired employability skills, and show postsecondary-ready competencies to graduate.

Can Graduates Prior to 2023 Use the Graduation Pathways Program?

Yes, Indiana students can choose to opt-in to use a Graduation Pathway instead of a graduation qualifying exam like ISTEP 10.

What Are the New Indiana High School Graduation Requirements?

The Diploma and Curricular requirements in Indiana include General designation, Core 40 designation, Academic Honors designation, or Technical Honors designation.

What is the Status of the Waiver for the Diploma?

The Indiana legislature defined a waiver for Graduation Pathways in statute.

Where Can Indiana’s Employability Skills be Accessed?

You can access Indiana’s employability skills which were created by the Department of Workforce Development here.

How Do Indiana Educators Track Student Progress?

Most schools use a combination of tools and software to manage the tracking and reporting of the progress of each student. Made specially to help schools track and report student Graduation Pathways, Standard for Success Graduation Pathways software allows advisors, administrators, counselors, and principals to quickly and efficiently create, track, customize, and analyze the pathways to help students earn their diploma and improve their employability skills to be an integral part of the workforce of the future.

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Graduation Pathways Software
Graduation Pathways Software
Graduation Pathways Software
Graduation Pathways Software
Graduation Pathways Software
Graduation Pathways Software

What Our Customers Are Saying

Standard For Success is the industry-standard in education software and services.

“The ability to input observations with a mobile device saves time. Edits are easy. Teaching staff has no problem with the system. The utilities and administrative functions are intuitive enough to figure out. (Standard For Success) has cut my time in half on long observations. All the materials that used to be kept on file in my office—lesson plans, goals and TLO/SLO information—can be available at any time.”

Fremont Community Schools


“This tool should be considered as the tool of choice for classroom and administrator evaluations.”

Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents

“Standard For Success has been a great fit, not only in cost and ease of use, but also in training, tech support, year-to-year data comparison, and flexibility with our changing needs. The SFS staff has always been readily available to assist onsite, online or via phone as we have questions, changes or just need clarification.”

Rossville Consolidated School District

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