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Staff Feature

Each month, Standard For Success will feature a staff member from our team of former and current educators who have 20-30 years of experience apiece. Our team’s commitment to customer service is as foundational to Standard For Success as the software itself. Our clients know that when they have a question or an idea they want to explore, our team is easily accessible and always responsive.

This month, Standard For Success features Dianna Whitlock, SFS Director of Research and Process Development

Dr. Dianna Whitlock is the Director of Research and Process Development at Standard For Success, an Indiana firm that helps schools build effective teacher evaluation programs from the ground up with their teacher evaluation solution.  She received her doctorate in educational leadership with a concentration in early childhood services in rural areas from Oakland City University, where she currently serves as adjunct faculty. Having worked as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal, she now teaches graduate classes for students in Masters’ and administrative licensure programs.

Dianna began teaching in 1992 at the second-grade level, where she spent nine of twelve years in classroom teaching.  She also taught three years at the sixth-grade level, where she concentrated on the effective teaching strategies of CLASSworks and project-based learning.  Additionally, twelve years of service in public education were spent in an administrative role. Dianna has served as an assistant principal, principal, and coordinator of federal grants and programs.  Certainly one of her greatest honors in this capacity was recognition as IASP’s 2009 District 8 Assistant Principal of the Year.

In her current role with Standard for Success, Dianna assists Indiana schools with external evaluations, training and working with building administrators to ensure inter-rater reliability.

SFS Becomes a Community Partner

As a result of her dissertation research on early childhood services in rural areas, Dianna recognized the importance of community outreach in rural areas.  Therefore, she forged a partnership with a local community center to offer parent programs for rural families who lived great distances from the school.  When it became apparent that residents in this area needed access to homework assistance and online job applications, SFS donated devices to the center and worked with the local internet provider to secure an in-kind donation of high-speed internet.

Dianna likes traveling, reading, and spending time with her family.  You can follow Dianna on Twitter @Diwhitlock @SFSeval.

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