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Each month, Standard For Success will feature a staff member from our team of former and current educators who have 20-30 years of experience apiece. Our team’s commitment to customer service is as foundational to Standard For Success as the software itself. Our clients know that when they have a question or an idea they want to explore, our team is easily accessible and always responsive.

This month, Standard For Success features Patti Bostwick, SFS Director of Product Support

“Teaching classes on the computer got me into my next career.  I didn’t like having to wait on someone else to fix my computers, so I would ask a lot of questions, and do research so I could fix them myself.” This innovative spirit is what makes Patti Bostwick an invaluable member of the Standard For Success team! As the first line of tech support for SFS, Patti answers client tickets and resolves user issues on a daily basis.  She has also created help documents for customers to access when they need assistance or a refresher on the SFS software.

Patti has 14 years of classroom teaching experience in business education.  She has taught keyboarding, accounting, computer applications, business law, business math, vocational marketing, and computer programming. As the tech coordinator for Fremont Community Schools, Patti had the opportunity to take training classes to continue to grow professionally.  As a result, she received a Novell CNE certification, which was the primary file server used at the time.

In 2000, Patti’s husband’s job took them to Zionsville, where she became the Technology Director. This led next to a job as Chief Technology Officer. During her tenure there, Zionsville grew from roughly 3000 students to 6500.  As a result, the district built 2 – 1600 student capacity middle schools, 3 – 6-700 student capacity elementary schools, a freshman center, performing arts center, and sports complexes among other things.

Ed Tech Leadership

During that time, Zionsville connected their whole district with privately owned fiber, and completely covered all buildings with wireless, allowing all of grades 5-12 to have a Bring Your Own Device 1:1 program, that is now filtering down to the 4th and 3rd grades.  Patti oversaw the build out of a robust infrastructure to support this and other instructional technology learning initiatives.

Patti has been active in local, state, and national organizations including serving as a state board member on the Hoosier Educational Computer Coordinators and served as the vendor chair for their state conference. As lifelong educators, she and her husband Bob are dedicated to seeing students and teachers have opportunities for success in the classroom and beyond. They have three children, who are all Purdue graduates.

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