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At Standard For Success, we like to celebrate milestones! As we review our past seven years as a company, many come to mind.

This month, we want to recognize the completion of our one millionth employee evaluation!  This means that our hard working employees at Standard For Success have helped one million people give or receive feedback through their organization’s evaluation process.  This targeted feedback is the basis for improvement of professional practices. Furthermore, this brings to mind several other important numbers for SFS to date:

  •  403 
    • Number of school districts served by Standard For Success
  • 45,000 
    • Number of  SFS users. This includes administrators, teachers, classified staff, athletic coaches and more!
  • 20
    • Number of states in which Standard For Success is present in the US and Canada
  •  450
    • Number of external evaluations  completed in school districts by SFS staff.  Our SFS team members have visited schools to evaluate teachers and collaborate with administrators to improve inter-rater reliability  in their teacher evaluation process
  • 20 
    • The minimum number of years of experience in education for an SFS employee.  Our experts are ready to help you solve any of your challenges you face in your role as an educator!
  •  5

We are extremely  proud of our accomplishments, but are not finished yet!  We will continue to meet the upcoming needs of schools as they evolve and grow.

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