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Todd Whitlock

Todd Whitlock, CEO

One of the greatest perks of being the CEO of an educational software company (teacher evaluation software) is that many of my clients are longtime friends. I have also had the opportunity to forge new friendships along this journey. Since many of these clients have known me for a number of years, they know that I possess an extremely competitive nature. This comes from growing up with three brothers and years of playing and coaching athletics. What is a friendly game, anyway?

It is this competitive spirit that inspired me to co-found Standard For Success (SFS). Competition is not always a negative trait, especially when it is internalized and drives us to push ourselves to be better. Standard For Success teacher evaluation software was born out of dissatisfaction with competing products and processes in teacher evaluation. Through research on best practices in education and a desire to help school administrators collect, manage and analyze teacher evaluation data to drive professional development, Standard For Success was born.

This same competitive spirit continues to push me daily to improve SFS. Many of these improvements come from our clients; as they are the practitioners and know the needs of their school districts. Our teacher evaluation software is customizable to their ever-changing needs. School administrators have suggested the majority of the software upgrades and new features, as well as additional evaluation support services such as external evaluators, data analysis, integrated professional development, and teacher mentoring and coaching.

As mergers, acquisitions and partnerships come and go in the ed tech space, SFS is remaining stable and responsive to the needs of our educational clients. The partnerships we have formed are with companies who provide high-quality products and services and share our core values. We have strived to create not only a quality product with excellent customer service, but also a staff of educators and a work environment that facilitates personal growth for employees and clients.

As for the future of Standard For Success? I will continue to “push,” guide and encourage everyone around me toward excellence. There is always room for improvement and growth, so the competitive spirit—in this case competing against myself to do better—lives on.

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