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Ah, June!  The promise of a whole summer break lies ahead.  Students are more than ready for a break, teachers are finishing end of year tasks, and administrators might even get the opportunity to sneak in a few weeks of vacation.

Yes, it’s true.  Although our neighbors, friends, and relatives often tell us, “It must be nice to have three months off every year!” and we still occasionally hear of the rare college student going in to education so they can “have the whole summer break off”, those of us in the trenches know that summertime is often just as busy as the school year.

Teachers often utilize this down time for professional development, planning, and shopping for that endless list of classroom decorations and school supplies.  As an administrator, much of your time will be spent working on end of year finalizations, purchasing decisions, and supervision of maintenance and custodial staff.  And that’s just to finish this school year!  Thinking ahead to next school year means time spent on scheduling, student placements, and planning for staff evaluation and  professional development.

Of course, Standard For Success can help with some of these administrative tasks!  In addition to our staff evaluation software platform, we offer a full library of professional development through a partnership with Educational Impact.  Our external evaluators can ease the burden of multiple teacher evaluations for administrators and increase inter-rater reliability.  We also have experienced, veteran educators who can provide mentoring and coaching services, as well as assistance with individual growth plans for teachers.

But the main purpose of this blog is to wish all of our school friends a safe and restful summer.  Take some time to take care of you and enjoy this season of longer days, warmer temperatures, and outdoor activities, before time slips away into the busy August back to school season!

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