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Support & Validate New Teachers

New teachers at all grade levels are understandably nervous and even somewhat fearful. about taking on the responsibility of a classroom Onboarding new instructors and maintaining a high retention rate is that much easier with the right software. Standard for Success software is designed with teachers and educational administrators squarely in mind. Take full advantage of this high-tech solution and you will find supporting and validating new teachers at your school is easier than anticipated.


Software to Reduce Teacher Attrition

Wouldn’t it be nice if your newly-added teachers were empowered to lead, communicate and strive for ongoing improvement? Start out on the right foot with these new additions to your team and you’ll find your instructor attrition rate significantly decreases. The alternative is to abide by the status quo and run the risk that the lack of support and encouragement will lead to a downward spiral that not only makes it difficult for teachers to improve but also steers them away from the profession altogether.

Standard for Success provides the ongoing assistance your teachers need to fulfill their potential. This guidance and training software is available for teachers and administrators between kindergarten and grade 12, even extending all the way up to postsecondary educational institutions.

Standard For Success Evaluation software was highlighted by Teacher Evaluation Solutions, and is used in schools and classrooms across the globe – and for good reason. This professional development program provides data-driven evaluation management tools that help teachers identify weaknesses as well as strengths and make the improvements necessary to fulfill their potential as educators. Our teacher evaluation solutions include state-approved custom rubrics, 5D+, Thoughtful Classroom, Culture in the Classroom, and even compatibility with non-teaching rubrics.

Provide Your Teachers With an Opportunity to Shine

Every teacher has the potential to make indelible connections with students that ultimately change lives and society for the better. Teachers have the will to make such a lasting impression yet they sometimes need guidance in terms of “the way.” Our Program Assessment Solutions provide exactly that. This universal and comprehensive means of empowering school leaders to obtain a snapshot of their programs’ efficacy proves mutually beneficial for both teachers and students. The Program Assessment solutions include Analysis STEM for STEM program assessment, Analysis ELPAT for early learning programs, Analysis TECH for instruction in the realm of technology and additional programs, and Analysis ACTIVE for assessing different components of after school and extended day services.

The Right Software for Accurate and Effective Teacher Evaluation

Teacher evaluations are an essential component of advancing the greater good of society through focused instruction tailored to the needs of students at each respective grade level. It is a mistake to assume every teacher is performing up to his or her potential and cannot benefit from ongoing guidance. Standard for Success Evaluation software has revolutionized the instructor evaluation process, making it that much more effective and efficient. Recognize the value added measures available through teacher evaluation software, implement it at your educational institution and you won’t be tempted to revert back to traditional evaluation methods.

Standard For Success consolidates the teacher evaluation process in a single, centralized space, facilitating the organization and retrieval of all relevant information. This platform allows for the easy access of all relevant information in real-time through the cloud, setting the stage for timely responses to feedback stemming from the evaluation process.

SFS is advanced to the point that it can be customized to your idiosyncratic evaluation needs. A large part of the appeal of our teacher evaluation software is it is empathetic by design. Instead of harshly critiquing instructors, our software provides constructive criticism for empathetic feedback that paves a path toward attainable goals. There is even built-in systematic validation that provides praise for meritorious lesson plans, identifies specific feedback for individual teachers and empowers teachers to proactively request evaluations.

Try Standard For Success at Your School

Give our teacher evaluation software a try for yourself and you’ll find its learning curve is easy to master. Our software is designed by teachers, for fellow teachers, meaning it feels intuitive to everyone who works in the education space. Click here to request a demo.

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