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Indiana High School Graduation Requirements Are Changing for the Class of 2023

What is Graduation Pathways? For many high school seniors, the immediate goal is to graduate with a high school diploma. Educators, on the other hand, recognize the importance of giving students opportunities for real-world experiences. The challenge...
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Professional Development for Teachers – 5 Common Mistakes

As teacher evaluation software providers, it pains us to hear from teachers and administrators who are unsatisfied with how professional development (PD) is occurring in their school or district. Evaluations are less effective if they aren’t tied to...
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State’s Evaluation Models Show Need for Consensus in Teacher Evaluations

A recent report shows that Indiana teachers are being graded based on nearly 250 employee evaluation models. Districts can choose one of the teacher evaluation models they wish to use, although there’s evidence that they can vary widely. As a result,...
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How to Create a More Positive Experience with Teacher Evaluations

With a few exceptions, employees in every industry undergo performance evaluations in some form or another — with the process ranging from quarterly to annually; informal 30-minute feedback sessions or lengthy meetings requiring employees and their...
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State Releases Teacher Evaluation Scores Without Revealing Names

It’s been more than 5 years since the Los Angeles Times published a database that allowed the public to review employee evaluation ratings for all elementary teachers in the city’s school district. The database stirred up plenty of controversy because...
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