America’s educational system

Implementing a Modified RISE Teacher Evaluation System

In my years of teaching and as a school administrator, I have come to learn that the most effective school improvement efforts are those that focus on improving classroom instruction. What happens between a teacher and their students during instructional...
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Providing Meaningful Evaluation for the Education Sector

Technology adoption is enabling the education sector to embrace new ways of effective learning. However, ‘effective learning’ doesn’t purely rely on these new technologies; it depends on the teacher’s ability to adequately use them. Evaluating...
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Ten Ways the Evaluation Conversation in Indiana has Changed

Conversations regarding the new evaluation process in Indiana have changed dramatically over the past few years. Recently, a group of 4 educators met at a local diner in small town Indiana to discuss the changes and enjoy breakfast. Laura Burpo (Oatmeal...
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Research Reveals New Developments in Teacher Evaluations

No matter which side of the fence you’re on with legislation regarding recent education reforms, new research seems to be showing that they have led to significant — and positive — changes in how teacher evaluations. Just late last year, President...
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Still striving to reach a consensus on teacher evaluations

It’s been seven years since Race to the Top was approved to reform America’s educational system, with teacher evaluations being a major part of those reforms. And since then, numerous programs have been implemented to take on that challenge — many...
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