Better Teacher Evaluation

Data-Driven Culture with Dr. Dianna Whitlock

In this excerpt from Information Matrix's "Advancing Education Through Innovation & Technology" episode, SFS’s own Dr. Dianna Whitlock discusses the lack of established processes for submitting teacher feedback in this data-driven culture.
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Building Better Teachers Through Evaluation

In this excerpt from Information Matrix’s “Advancing Education Through Innovation & Technology” episode, the Superintendent of Barr-Reeve Community Schools, Travis Madison, discusses how teacher evaluation is a reflective process....
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Standard for Success Featured on Information Matrix

“Advancing Education Through Innovation & Technology” This Information Matrix episode explores how technology is changing schools and improving efficiency as the Millennial generation enters the teaching force. As our economy shifts and...
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Is it Possible to Build a Better Teacher Evaluation System?

In the world of sports, determining your top players is a pretty clear-cut process for managers. In basketball, a coach just needs to take a look at his players’ shooting percentages, rebounds and blocks. Gymnastics, baseball, football … same thing....
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