Better Teacher Evaluations

Is Technology the Key to Better Teacher Evaluations

Let’s talk about the purpose of an employee evaluation — or, in this case, a teacher evaluation. It all comes down to providing constructive feedback that will help employees improve the way they do their jobs. On the surface, it seems fairly simple....
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Disconnecting the Ties Between Teacher Evaluations and Test Scores

In Indiana, educators and legislators have been caught up in the ongoing debate as to whether teacher evaluations and, as a result, teacher pay should be linked to students’ test scores. Considered one of the most controversial aspects of the state’s...
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Texas School District Removing Scores from Teacher Evaluations

When the 2016-2017 school year begins, one Texas school district will be taking a unique approach to teacher evaluations and assessments. The Lewisville Independent School District will begin a pilot program that eliminates a scoring system as part of...
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Do Teacher Evaluations Identify Poor Performers?

While we continue to debate what makes a teacher evaluation fair, there are some startling statistics that are still making experts take pause. Although it’s been nearly 7 years since reforms for teacher evaluations came to the forefront, most states...
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3 Important Lessons We’re Learning from Teacher Evaluations

Although many reforms have been made in teacher evaluations, including those under President Obama’s Every Student Succeeds Act, many critics are not yet satisfied with the results. They’re asking for more complex solutions that go beyond classroom...
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