Education Reform

Increased Teacher Scrutiny Could be Factor in Pending Teacher Shortage Crisis

Within the next 10 years, the United States could be facing a significant shortage of teachers — at a rate of more than 100,000 teachers annually, according to a recent report by a national think tank. The Learning Policy Institute (LPI) points to troubling...
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How School Districts are Using Technology to Improve Teacher Evaluations

Nearly 50 years have passed since Dr. Robert Goldhammer published what would become the first widely embraced handbook for teacher evaluations. The principles outlined by Goldhammer included five phases of supervision — observation conference, observation,...
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Study Shows Student Performance Impacted By Teacher Effectiveness

No matter the location of your school district, it’s unlikely that many of your teachers will fall into the unsatisfactory category. By some estimates, 98 percent of teachers received a nod of approval ranging from satisfactory to above satisfactory...
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Key Strategies for Improving Teacher Performance

Don’t lose sight of the purpose of teacher evaluations in the midst of efforts to improve the process. That’s the message coming from numerous institutions in the wake of recent education reform. We gathered some of the top strategies about what it...
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How to Create a More Positive Experience with Teacher Evaluations

With a few exceptions, employees in every industry undergo performance evaluations in some form or another — with the process ranging from quarterly to annually; informal 30-minute feedback sessions or lengthy meetings requiring employees and their...
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