Education Reform

State Releases Teacher Evaluation Scores Without Revealing Names

It’s been more than 5 years since the Los Angeles Times published a database that allowed the public to review employee evaluation ratings for all elementary teachers in the city’s school district. The database stirred up plenty of controversy because...
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Recent Developments in Teacher Evaluations Across the Country

With teacher evaluations continuing to make national headlines, states are experiencing varying results after prolonged debates on how they should be executed. California is among those leading the way, with the United Teachers Los Angeles recently approving...
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Do Teacher Evaluations Identify Poor Performers?

While we continue to debate what makes a teacher evaluation fair, there are some startling statistics that are still making experts take pause. Although it’s been nearly 7 years since reforms for teacher evaluations came to the forefront, most states...
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Effective Teacher Evaluations Still Key to Firing Bad Teachers

It’s been six years since Newsweek published an article that proposed a solution to the problems facing America’s public schools. The article was entitled “The Key to Saving American Education: We Must Fire Bad Teachers.” While advocates of education...
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Students to Evaluate Teachers as Part of New DC School Initiatives

You’ve likely heard of 360-degree feedback being used as part of employee evaluations. Your boss, your direct reports and, in some cases, your peers give you feedback on how you’re performing in your role. While it’s commonplace among some corporations,...
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