Effective Teacher Evaluations

Standard For Success Acquires STAGES Software

Standard For Success will serve nearly 2,000 schools, located in 20 states/provinces throughout the United States and Canada INDIANAPOLIS (April 9, 2018) – Indiana-based Standard For Success (SFS), a leading company in providing online, fully customizable...
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Teacher Evaluation Software and Classroom Walkthroughs to Improve Instruction

Looking back at our SFS teacher evaluation software and the original idea of creating an app to do classroom walkthroughs, it is amazing to see the features and changes those in the education field have requested. At Standard For Success, providing a...
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Give Regular Feedback for More Effective Teacher Evaluations

“How am I doing?” For many teachers, performance evaluations should come down to answering that simple question. No matter the technique used or the evaluator involved, the core mission of this process must be to provide a thoughtful response that...
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Traits of Effective Teacher Evaluations Everyone Should be Able to Agree On

In the quest to develop and revamp your teacher evaluations, don’t lose sight of the qualities that make the process incredibly effective tools in encouraging improved employee performance. While schools systems may be tempted to dump traditional employee...
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Effective Teacher Evaluations Still Key to Firing Bad Teachers

It’s been six years since Newsweek published an article that proposed a solution to the problems facing America’s public schools. The article was entitled “The Key to Saving American Education: We Must Fire Bad Teachers.” While advocates of education...
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