Employee Evaluations

Traits of Effective Teacher Evaluations Everyone Should be Able to Agree On

In the quest to develop and revamp your teacher evaluations, don’t lose sight of the qualities that make the process incredibly effective tools in encouraging improved employee performance. While schools systems may be tempted to dump traditional employee...
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Conduct Teacher Evaluations that are Designed to Improve Performance

Mention performance reviews to an employee, whether it’s a teacher or other support staff. More than likely, you’ll receive varied responses, many of them ranging from lukewarm to outright negative. According to a recent Forbes article, only 55 percent...
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Courts are Now Weighing in on Teacher Evaluations

With the debate raging on about what it takes to develop an effective teacher evaluation system, a New York state court recently made things even more murky. Acting Justice Roger McDonough, who presides in Albany, N.Y., recently backed a teacher’s lawsuit...
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5 Tips to Engage Teachers Through Professional Growth Plans

As you already know, keeping teachers motivated is essential to ensuring education performance is at its optimal levels in your school and district. While educators and government officials continue the national debate about how much student outcomes...
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