Teacher Evaluation as a Growth Process: Feedback

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 7 of Dr. Dianna Whitlock's published book, "Teacher Evaluation as a Growth Process."
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A Conversation About Feedback & Culture with Dr. Akil Ross

SFS's Dr. Dianna Whitlock speaks with Dr. Akil Ross, the 2018 NASSP Principal of the Year, about fostering a healthy culture and coaching through supportive feedback.
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Teacher Evaluation Explained in 140 Characters or Less.

Short attention span? Ok. Here it is – teacher evaluation in 140 characters: Observe → Document → Assess → *Feedback* → *Consult* → *Apply PD* → *Modify* → Track → Rinse & Repeat for Improvement *Most Important Steps #TeacherEvaluation...
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School Districts Explore New Forms of Teacher Evaluations in 2017

In New York City, school officials are launching new teacher evaluations that place a higher priority on students’ classroom work over test scores. Meanwhile, the Connecticut State Board of Education is debating whether to delay a proposal that would...
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Can 360-Degree Feedback Work for Teacher Evaluations?

With legislators, educators and parents scrambling to “fix” education, teacher performance has gotten more than its share of scrutiny. As principals and schools scrap the methods that don’t seem to be working in evaluating teachers, others are adopting...
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