Evaluation of Teachers–A Principal’s View

  This month, we feature a guest blog written by Steve Baker, Principal of Bluffton High School.  Standard For Success values client feedback, and we are honored to share Mr. Baker’s perspective on teacher evaluation:  Legislation-Teacher...
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Leadership Style Could Turn Around Student and Teacher Performance

When striving to improve your school district’s performance, examine the many ways that student outcomes can be improved beyond overhauling teacher evaluations, training, and testing. As many companies and educational institutions have discovered, honing...
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Evaluation Conversations Pay Honor to Teaching

When Indiana’s new teacher evaluation law passed, educators across the state had fairly similar reactions. Being the assigned person in our district to lead the implementation of the new evaluation process required by law, I got to hear most of those...
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Can 360-Degree Feedback Work for Teacher Evaluations?

With legislators, educators and parents scrambling to “fix” education, teacher performance has gotten more than its share of scrutiny. As principals and schools scrap the methods that don’t seem to be working in evaluating teachers, others are adopting...
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Motivate Teachers by Becoming a More Effective Leader

In the movement to improve America’s score on quality education, plenty of attention has been focused on teacher performance, with teacher evaluations being at the forefront of reforms to address some of the challenges. Some teachers are now reporting...
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