Professional Development for Teachers

4 Ways to Reduce Teacher Turnover Rates

In early 2015, NPR sounded the alarm over what appeared to be a trend for high teacher turnover rates — citing that the “revolving door of teachers” is costing school systems billions a year. The numbers cited in the report — 50 percent of new...
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Give Regular Feedback for More Effective Teacher Evaluations

“How am I doing?” For many teachers, performance evaluations should come down to answering that simple question. No matter the technique used or the evaluator involved, the core mission of this process must be to provide a thoughtful response that...
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Key Strategies for Improving Teacher Performance

Don’t lose sight of the purpose of teacher evaluations in the midst of efforts to improve the process. That’s the message coming from numerous institutions in the wake of recent education reform. We gathered some of the top strategies about what it...
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Disconnecting the Ties Between Teacher Evaluations and Test Scores

In Indiana, educators and legislators have been caught up in the ongoing debate as to whether teacher evaluations and, as a result, teacher pay should be linked to students’ test scores. Considered one of the most controversial aspects of the state’s...
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Do Teacher Evaluations Identify Poor Performers?

While we continue to debate what makes a teacher evaluation fair, there are some startling statistics that are still making experts take pause. Although it’s been nearly 7 years since reforms for teacher evaluations came to the forefront, most states...
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