Professional Growth Plans

Indiana High School Graduation Requirements Are Changing for the Class of 2023

What is Graduation Pathways? For many high school seniors, the immediate goal is to graduate with a high school diploma. Educators, on the other hand, recognize the importance of giving students opportunities for real-world experiences. The challenge...
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Why are our Best and Brightest Students Not Choosing to Become Educators?

School districts across the nation are continuing to report a growing shortage of teachers as teachers are jumping ship in record numbers. According to a national survey of college freshman conducted in 2016, “the number of students who say they...
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Conduct Employee Performance Evaluations that Engage Teachers

Teacher evaluations are considered an essential component of your management duties. However, the time invested in the process could be useless if employees aren’t responding to the feedback you’re giving. Ensure that your teachers are more receptive...
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3 Steps to Achieving Better Teacher Evaluations

As federal efforts for standardizing teacher evaluations come to an end following the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act, states have more flexibility in the choice of their own systems for evaluations. For a recent report, “Teacher Evaluations...
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5 Tips to Engage Teachers Through Professional Growth Plans

As you already know, keeping teachers motivated is essential to ensuring education performance is at its optimal levels in your school and district. While educators and government officials continue the national debate about how much student outcomes...
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