Student Test Scores

Student Growth Still a Critical Factor in Teacher Evaluations

The backlash against using student test scores to evaluate teachers continues to gain momentum, with Georgia among the latest states changing their policies. In a unanimous vote, the Georgia State Board decided to diminish the role of student test scores....
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Disconnecting the Ties Between Teacher Evaluations and Test Scores

In Indiana, educators and legislators have been caught up in the ongoing debate as to whether teacher evaluations and, as a result, teacher pay should be linked to students’ test scores. Considered one of the most controversial aspects of the state’s...
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Using student test scores to evaluate teachers: Is it time for a change?

Now that the standard of using student scores to grade teachers has surpassed the 15-year mark, educational experts once again are analyzing teacher evaluations to determine if they are due for another overhaul. While it appears that using student scores...
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