Teacher Feedback

A Conversation About Feedback & Culture with Dr. Akil Ross

SFS's Dr. Dianna Whitlock speaks with Dr. Akil Ross, the 2018 NASSP Principal of the Year, about fostering a healthy culture and coaching through supportive feedback.
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Teacher Shortage Crisis: How to Pave the Way for More (and More Satisfied) Teachers

It’s no secret teachers are jumping ship in record numbers, and the dwindling numbers of incoming grads don’t even come close to patching the gap as the demand for teachers rises. A few weeks ago, the Learning Policy Institute reported enrollment...
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Key Strategies for Improving Teacher Performance

Don’t lose sight of the purpose of teacher evaluations in the midst of efforts to improve the process. That’s the message coming from numerous institutions in the wake of recent education reform. We gathered some of the top strategies about what it...
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