Make teacher Evaluations Efficient, Easier, and Smarter.

Easy to use, collaborative, and customizable to each school’s needs.

Standard For Success provides a single portal to record, document and gather observations throughout the evaluation process. Every aspect of the tool is intentionally designed to make teacher evaluations easier and smarter—for both administrators and teachers alike.

Ability to evaluate teacher, principal, superintendent, etc. all in one system

Summarize, compare, and drill-down capabilities for specific data

Fully customizable to your school/district metrics

Uploading of artifacts and supporting evidence

Mobile app for building walk-throughs

Automatic timestamps during scripting

Teacher Evaluation Made Easy

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Software Features


Observations can be saved until they are completed and ready for publishing.


Artifacts and evidence can be easily uploaded right in the tool.


The integrated feature allows you to go back and identify evidence to rubric.

Support Center

Our online support ticketing system allows you to quickly and easily submit requests. You can monitor the dashboard for ticket status.

Award-Winning Software & Service

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