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When it comes to students, there are few things as important as their education. Motivated and qualified teachers in our classrooms are crucial for the success of students, and our country’s education system as a whole. But how do we ensure that our classrooms, schools, and districts are staffed with the best educators possible? School district leaders continue to try to do just that with evaluations. To provide high quality education for students, it is imperative to evaluate teachers regularly, give timely feedback, and offer professional development when available. Let’s start from the beginning.

What is Teacher Evaluation?

The definition of an evaluation is to judge, appraise, or assess a person, policy, or process. An evaluation uses a variety of important questions that are used to collect and analyze data to guide educated decisions. Teacher and educator evaluations are valuable tools used for both performance reviews and employee evaluations. To train and develop high quality teachers in our schools, we must clearly define our expectations, and then evaluate their performance according to these criteria.

A typical Teacher evaluation or performance review will measure such things as:.

  • Professional development including education, teaching credentials, and experience.
  • Commitment to an environment that is successfully conducive to an elevated level of learning.
  • Building positive relationships with students.
  • Inclusion of the use of assessments for lesson planning.
  • Ability to adapt to a wide range of students, including those that are culturally diverse, have learning disabilities, or are behaviorally challenged.
  • Effective communication with families and collaboration with other educators and colleagues to help their students.

Why it is Important to Evaluate Teachers Regularly

The importance of high quality teachers in our schools should be one of our top priorities as parents, educators, and community leaders. Here are the top three reasons regular teacher evaluations are so crucial in our classrooms.

  1. Higher Quality Teachers Build High Quality Students – Evaluations allow schools to recognize high quality educators and work hard to keep them engaged and interested in staying in the classrooms where they best excel.
  2. Encourage Self-Improvement of Teachers – Regular teacher evaluations encourage accountability and motivates teachers to enhance and improve their effectiveness in the classroom. This leads to better student achievements and often a better community of qualified teachers.
  3. Better Teachers, Better Students, Better World – Effective teacher evaluations enhance the entire education system in a community. The knowledge from collected data allows administrators to recruit better teachers, which leads to better students. This enhances our communities with achievements and other positive experiences for all students, families, and educators.

Standard For Success Teacher Evaluation Software is Built By Educators, For Educators

Filling our school systems with educators who take professional development seriously and strive to be all they can be for their students is priceless; especially since teacher quality is directly related to student learning.

Standard For Success has successfully created an amazing teacher evaluation process that has transformed the industry with its efficient, manageable, and coordinated software. This customizable web-based tool gives administrators and teachers an evaluation tool that is easy to use, collaborative, and adapts to each school’s needs. Schedule a demo today to learn about how Standard For Success can help you with the cumbersome task of employee reviews and teacher evaluations to ease the burden of your administration tasks and enhance teacher quality.

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