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It is that time in the school year when students, teachers, administrators are coming back to school after a much needed and well-deserved break. Now begins the downward slope to the end of the year. That means evaluators will be wrapping up teacher evaluations and begin the finalization process. To make the process run smoothly, there is something a teacher can do now that will not only help themselves, but also help administrators as they prepare to finalize their staff evaluations.

Teachers can aid in the process by setting aside a little time now to go through their evaluation checklist to confirm they have everything entered that they need for the evaluator to complete their end-of-year summative evaluation. Teachers should review their personal requirements, expectations, and observations before the finalization process begins. This will allow the teacher to follow-up with the evaluator for any uncertainties and submit overlooked artifacts before end of the evaluation cycle. This will also save the evaluator valuable time trying to track down necessary items and provide important data to factor in that might not otherwise when calculating the summative rating. A little preparation now will be one less concern as the year winds down.

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