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A while back, Education Week asked educators on Twitter how schools can support good teaching.

Below we highlight a few of the answers, ranging from broad thoughts to specific ideas that worked for some schools:

(Note: PD = Professional Development)

“I need time to meet with my colleagues to get ideas, share practices, and get advice on how to deal with challenging students.” @dr_weston_PhD

“Good teaching includes balanced pedagogy and content, reflective practice and inquiry-based learning.” @MelindaGeorge2

“Early release one hour, one day a week. PLC time.” @HeatherAjuarez

“Move from days to hours in OH has allowed some districts to offer whole days every other month for PD.” @sbumiller

“Find time in young grades: make it a center, mini conf at the desk, talk & walk to the playground, lunch with teacher, etc.” @SDStephens05

“We got a grant and used funding to pay for subs for job embedded PD.” @DavWarren3

“We shorted the Monday schedule to allow 35 minutes of teacher PLC time each week.” @oblatesphereoid

“Feedback opportunities between students & teachers are vital. Building them in may not be easy, but I think it’s worth it.” @SDStephens05

“Lessons without reflection and feedback lack deep thinking.” @LSmusicDA

“If whole group non-differentiated instruction isn’t acceptable neither should same PD to all staff and all schools.” @DavWarren3

“Great schools embedded PD and it doesn’t feel like ‘one more thing’ and we identify our own goals.” @DavWarren3

“Providing teachers coaches to have rich conversations with colleagues about evidence of great instruction. Ps who build prof capital.” @rsquiercacsd

“Encourage risk-taking and innovation without fear of punishment; time for collaboration; valuing expertise of teachers.” @pjoshh

“Faithful adherence to a continuous success cycle: training, observing, coaching, goal-setting.” @jwalkup

“Excellent communication and follow-through by administration is big.” @mothy_richmond

“Grade level team meetings, subject level team meetings, admin that listens to concerns (even if they can’t all be solved!)” @noodlebrownie

“We collaborate grade level once a month in our district. We use Google Dr to compare data.” @PrimaryPp

“Witch hunts for ‘Bad Teachers’ are counterproductive.” @ItsScienceMagic

“Part of supporting teachers is providing them the freedom to create learning experiences. Not dictate how.” @stacyjosadnick

“Schools must have a climate where change and risk is accepted otherwise no growth will occur.” @DavWarren3

“The voice of the teacher is so powerful in the ever changing latest educational fad/trend/craze!” @LSmusicDA

“Self directed PD is fab. Peer directed PD can be great. But the PD reminiscent of those worksheets we no longer give students…” @SDStephens05

Agree? Disagree? What’s missing? Share your thoughts below.

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