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Let’s talk about the purpose of an employee evaluation — or, in this case, a teacher evaluation. It all comes down to providing constructive feedback that will help employees improve the way they do their jobs.

On the surface, it seems fairly simple. However, executing that task for dozens of teachers can be challenging. According to a survey conducted by TINYpulse, 31 percent of managers said that employee evaluation was “too time-consuming.” It was cited among the top reasons that both employers and employees disliked the process.

Tackling that obstacle has been a top priority for some school districts that are implementing cloud-based technology to better manage teacher evaluations. According to an article in, technology could be one of the keys to improving the process.

A web app designed to meet the needs of educational systems, principals and school districts can streamline the process — eliminating some of the obstacles for a smooth evaluation process.

Here are several ways technology can make that happen:

Easier accessibility. How much information is really retained during an employee evaluation? It may be a 30- to 60-minute discussion, with paperwork provided to the employee. Unfortunately, the direction given in these meetings may not be easily retained. With online access, an employee can more easily review the goals agreed upon and training recommendations. Both parties can also review progress more easily.

Provide up-to-date insights. Did you have a few areas that weren’t completely settled? Were you planning to follow up with recommendations for training? An online platform allows you to easily update the information as well as allow the employee to easily keep track of the information.

Improve collaboration. In many situations, peer-to-peer feedback can be more effective than a manager’s feedback. The Society for Human Resource Management reports that 90 percent of HR professionals consider this type of feedback more effective. If more than two people are involved in the process, reviewing documentation can get unwieldy quickly. With all parties involved in the process, it can be easier to obtain information through an online platform.

With the use of technology, the teacher evaluation process can be further streamlined — allowing for a more effective system for giving employees the feedback they need to grow.

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