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As we enter a new school year with districts welcoming kids back this week, I think back to 10 years ago and the beginnings of Standard For Success. A group of educators looked for a solution that could help manage the more stringent educator effectiveness requirements being implemented across the nation. We could not find a solution to recommend to our districts or one that addressed the real reason of the legislation – develop better teachers, better students, and a better world.

We started out creating a product and not a company. That “product” has evolved into a brand that has a suite of SaaS products that help foster better teachers, better students, and a better world. Our clients are educators like us. We put a focus on delivering products built around two principles: deliver an exceptional customer experience and impact student success.

I am pleased to say that those 44 districts that took a leap of faith with us 10 years ago ALL are still clients of Standard For Success’s evaluation software. There have been many administrative changes, but one thing has stayed steady – a platform for giving transparent educator performance feedback to drive growth and impact student achievement. Many of those districts are some of the highest performing districts in their state.

Thank you to those clients and the many that followed in their path. Thank you to the SFS team that supports them every day with a commitment to success. May the school year be a successful one for your staff, students, and communities.

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