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Teacher appreciation week happens at different times throughout the school year depending on the week the district decides. This week it happens to be Teacher Appreciation Week in the district my children attend school in. While it has changed in appearance this year, there is no better time than ever to appreciate teachers.

During this time, the role of the teacher has expanded and has also opened many eyes to who are teachers really are.

Parents are getting a different perspective on what it is to be a teacher.

Teachers are working diligently to develop lesson plans that meet the needs of their students academically while working within technology constraints and other factors. For many teachers this is a radical change in how they go about teaching, but they are meeting it head on and giving it their all to make it work!!

More importantly, parents and the community are seeing teachers for their love of their profession and also the love of the children that they teach. We have seen great examples of teachers going above and beyond to show their students that they care. They are not doing it for attention, but I am thankful that they are getting the attention that they deserve.

Some of the great things just in the district I live in include…

  • Teacher parades of driving around subdivisions so their students can see them and even more importantly to the teachers, that they can see their students. More than a few tears were shed on both sides of the parade.
  • Opposite of teacher’s parading, there have been student parades where the teachers are in the school parking lot and students drive by, including one for the graduates this year where any teacher who had previously taught them were invited to attend.
  • Those invited included pre-school teachers all the way up, being there to show their love and support for these graduates who had their senior year turned upside down.
  • Holding virtual spirit weeks to make the students know that they are important.
  • Zoom recording by the district music teachers singing Bruno Mars “Count On Me.”
  • Zoom recording of the High School staff individually giving the seniors a special message from the teachers to the graduating seniors.
  • Coaches going in the middle of night to put up picture yard signs of their senior players and leaving a special gift for them.
  • And the list goes on and on of what the teachers are doing all over the country outside of the classroom to show how much they care.

While teachers might not always get the recognition or the appreciation that they deserve, this year above all others, they have shown that they are more than just classroom teachers, but they are caretakers of our children and that they truly care about their students more than most parents ever knew.

THANK YOU to all teachers for all that you do!!!

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