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Have you ever seen the acronym GIGO? Or heard the axiom Garbage In Garbage Out? The acronym and axiom refer to the data and information that you put into any software program. It means the data coming out is only as good as the data that goes in. If you fail to enter the data correctly when it’s entered, if will be incorrect or garbage when it comes out.

This is incredibly important when it comes to your Student Information System (SIS) and in conjunction to that any data that feeds from it into something else.

When it comes to student or staff data, it is very important that the information be correct going in. This data is used to determine whether a person keeps their job or gets a bonus or raise. For students, the information from the SIS flows to the State in the form of reports, as well as into other products like Pathways. Pathways is used to help track where individual students are on their path to graduation. If data is entered incorrectly or not at all in the SIS, it will cause repercussions in Pathways.

For example: If student ISTEP scores are entered and imported incorrectly, it can cause Pathways to tell a counselor that a student is in good shape to graduate, when in fact they are not.

To avoid this type of disaster, follow the following steps to ensure that your data is correct.

  1. Make sure your data is up to date. Don’t wait to enter information and risk the loss of the data.
  2. Spot check your work. Before during and after entering data into your system, be sure to check that the data is correct.
  3. Have a fresh set of eyes check the data. Just like proofreading a paper, our minds can trick us into seeing something that isn’t there. Have a co-worker check the data.
  4. Before submitting any data for a report or upload, spot check it again for errors.
  5. After the data has been exported for reports or into other software like Pathways, double check to make sure the information appears correct in those systems as well.

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